Who We Are

The Boulder Dance Coalition (BDC), formerly Village Arts Coalition, is a coalition of groups and individuals that are committed to promulgating traditional participatory art forms Рthat is, art forms in which you can join in Рsuch as dance, music, singing, and storytelling.

The majority of the groups deal with participatory dance.

We are a non-profit, tax-exempt, educational organization, incorporated in the state of Colorado in 1989. Our mission is to promote public participation in music, dance and other folk arts in the Front Range of Colorado, to encourage expansion of these activities in the larger community, to develop facilities for these activities, and to provide services for other organizations and individuals that share these goals.

There is no geographic limitation on the activities of the BDC, but historically the BDC has operated along the Front Range and nearby where its group and individual members can develop a sense of community through contact and shared activities.

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